Passionate about a Secure Future

What is our main business ?

We are solutions providers in the Electronic Data Processing Industry.
We determine your needs, by first : compartmentalizing the security needs, and then amalgamating the compartmentalized models into a technologically advanced unified  Solution, incorporating the latest innovations in the Surveillance and Computer Security Industry.
Branevision does not just sell Products, but PROVIDES SOLUTIONS to Organizations who need to concentrate on their core business, and leave their Electronic Data Security needs in the hands of a professional Electronic Security Solutions Provider.
Our vast Network in foreign Countries, enables us to minimize the risks to Global Companies intending to venture into the unknown.

South African CCTV has undergone Major Advancements in the past year with High Technological Advancements in the field of Intelligent Security Systems, incorporating Face Recognition, Licence Plate Recognition, Container Recognition, Behaviour Recognition etc. With the 2010 World Cup on the horizon, and the still high crime rate, the CCTV Market in South Africa has gone from being a luxury, to a necessity.

Piracy and Armed Robber at Sea.
With the introduction of this latest method of Robbery, Branevision has acquired technology to aid in the protection of Maritime Shipping. Tankers entering the Gulf of Aden have become sitting ducks due to these 21st Century pirates.

Societies around the World are experiencing rapid declines in the structures of Humanity. Success in the fighting of crime is going to need to escalate from just CCTV, or just human security. Technological Advancements and Psychological Advancements reaching a point whereby the total amalgamation of the two Technologies will take World Security into a higher dimension. Intelligent Systems such as Face Recognition Technologies, integrated into Identification Systems, and backed by further enhancing the human element in the equation, by integration and training personnel in the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Expression Recognition Technologies.

Branevision has recognized these previous vacuums, and has formed alliances with World leaders in both fields of Technology as well as the behavioral Sciences.

We are entering Interesting, but challenging times, with everyone blaming everyone else for their inept Leadership abilities (or lack of), and Countries Governed by the vote of uneducated, unruly, supposed homo sapiens, who have no concept of the word Intelligence.

Branevision with these Technological marriages, has identified these vacuums, and is intent on making this a better World, in which human advancement will be made possible. 

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