SOFTWARE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION                                               




Branevision's software Department offers the following services

Analysis of :
hardware needs, building, and implementation.
Analysis of existing hardware
Proposal of System's current versus Future needs.
Upgrading or News Systems built.
Systems hardware compatibility testing to Software needs.
Hardware quality testing and benchmarking.
Hardware Policy and Procedure's implementation.

Software analysis, flowcharting, design and implementation.
Analysis of needs and existing Systems.
Security Analysis of existing System.
Systems Flowcharting and Systems Design.
Implementation of new Systems.
Integrations of the new System
Security Implementation and lockdown of System.
Policies and Procedures Implementation of New System.

Financial Systems Implementation
Latest generation Accounting Software integrated into existing Hardware infrastructure.
Point Of Sale Systems.
Multi-user Systems allowing Global remote access to the Financial Data.
Integration of Access Control Systems into certain Accounting Packages Payroll System.
Modularised Packages, so you only purchase what and when you need features.

Computer Security analysis, and implementation.
Design and implementation of complete Security Model
Anti-virus Products
Firewall Products
Systems lockdown

Backup policy - design and Implementation.
including Option of Off Site Backup
Setup of Virtual Private Networks.

Maintenance Contracts
Our Maintenance contracts are tailored for your Companies specific needs.
No two Companies need exactly the same Maintenance Contract.